“The littlest feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts.”

Parent will go to every extent to make their baby comfortable, and this is the motivational factor at Gurtex 85. We have established this company with the sole purpose of offering the utmost comfort to the newborns with our nursery muslin swaddle blanket for newborn.

Our origin:

Summer Swaddle Blanket

We established this company in Israel in 1986, and since then we are manufacturing, importing, and distributing high-quality textiles for the newborns. With the years of experience and hard-earned reputation, Gurtex 85 has established its partner companies across the globe to offer the manufacturing facilities and private branding services.

Our team:

We have with us some of the most professional and extremely qualified individuals from the industry. The Headquarter of our company is established in Israel while we have established our purchasing and quality control unit in the Far East. Moreover, our units in China and Hong Kong are working at the manufacturing units. With the assistance of our team, Gurtex 85 can manufacture high-quality blanket for the newborn.

Our products:

At Gurtex 85, we offer high-quality clothing and cover solutions for the newborns. We have with us a various variety of blankets including

  1. Cutie Bebe Nursery Muslin Swaddle Blanket
  2. Large Bamboo Receiving Blanket for Newborn
  • Cutie Bebe Nursery Muslin Swaddle Blanket:

Our Nursery Muslin Swaddle Blanket is specially made with high-quality cotton to cater the requirements of delicate and sensitive skin of the newborns. We make sure that no harm product is used in the manufacturing of our products that could harm the children or cause any allergies.

  • Large Bamboo Receiving Blanket for Newborn:

Our bamboo receiving blanket for a newborn is gender neutral cover which offers the softness and tenderness like the mother’s arm.

Our private branding venture:

The team of professionals and hardworking employees makes it possible to offer the clients a private branding solution for their brands. Our private branding solution includes the designing, manufacturing, inventory management, and logistic functions.

For the sake of maintaining high quality and efficient manufacturing functions, we tend to work in conjunction with our clients. The primary functions of the private branding involve

  • The selection of suppliers for the clients
  • Effective and efficient management of the inventory
  • Complete control over quality by working with the client instructions
  • Logistic management for the transportation of inventory and final products

Why choose Gurtex 85:

Since the inception of Gurtex85, we have been working with the utmost dedication and professionalism to offer complete customer delight to our customers. At Gurtex 85, we believe that a happy customer is the real asset of the company and our company is working tirelessly to enhance our assets. Some of the features that make us ahead of our competitors are as follows:-

  • Complete control of our manufacturing material
  • Short overhead times and costs
  • Keeping the customers aware of every stage of the manufacturing process
  • Extremely efficient logistic system
  • So, if you want the best textile for the babies, then Gurtex 85 is the best choice