Your Newborn Baby Swaddle Blanket

Baby swaddle blanket! Wow! It’s an amazing thing ever for a newborn baby.

I’m a great fan of this wonderful baby accessory. Just a few months ago I was looking for something like this. As you know, it is a curious world for parents of newborn babies.

They remain very excited about their new little guest. Parents are ready to do anything for them. I guess baby blankets and diapers are the first and foremost things to buy for babies. They grow very fast. And their needs change gradually.

So it is a great responsibility for parents to purchase anything with awareness.

What Is Swaddling & Its Importance?

Baby swaddle blanket refers the Swaddling technique that restricts the movement of the baby. It gives the womb-like feeling of a mother. It is not the sign of antiquity. My babies are greatly benefited with this wonder.

For the first  one to three or four months, babies cannot control their limbs at all. That is so much risky for them.

They can hurt themselves- my university roommate had a scar on her forehead, and cheek. When she was a baby girl, she did it with her fingernail. Today she suffers a lot for the scar. Sometimes she feels shy too. So just one scar and unconsciousness of a parent can be the reason of a lifelong sufferings for a child. That is really so pathetic. Even they can startle with a sudden jerk. So it is very important to control their movement to keep them safe.

Obviously it won’t for all the day and night. At the time of the bath, nursing the infant will remain free. But at the time of taking rest, parent should wrap them comfortably. With a blanket wrapping they can sleep peacefully. They get womb like feeling here. It is so warm, smooth and comfortable. I must say it has something magical.

There are so many baby swaddle blanket on the market. Among them, I usually prefer cotton swaddle blankets. It can help your baby to sleep for a long time without any problem. I saw, sometimes baby wakes up crying without any external disturbance. Then I thought and find out the fact that, if you are not able to swaddle them properly, they will not feel comfortable in sleeping. Thus, you will remain in tension with their inconveniences. In this case, cotton carries some wonderful materials that can give comfort as well as warmth to babies. It has the quality to keep the baby happy.

The researchers also notice one thing that it can give exactly womb like feeling to the newborn baby. They feel safe and secure as they feel in the mother’s lap. The cotton blankets are generally Eco-friendly and made of organic materials. It is not todays invention. From the very ancient period, the cotton blanket providing these services to the world. This is a very well known product.

Factors to Choose a Baby Swaddle Blanket:

Do you what are the best factors to choose baby swaddle blanket?

I guess you are not familiar enough with the factors. Don’t worry, we have taken the responsibility to inform you about that.

Now a day, we get two type of blankets most in the market. These are undoubtedly best for your baby.

One is made of our traditional material cotton. It is soft and available in different sizes. Another one is made using Velcore. It has sufficient width and length. Even it has the quality that can save your baby to get hurt.

Sometimes a baby escapes from the blanket. It’s really very sad. It is like, the keeper is the champion. You trust on it much and it destroys that. So I will recommend you to choose the zips up bags as it will avoid escaping.

One more important thing I will also recommend you that please learn the proper way of swaddling before you take release from the hospital. Sometimes, you may get stuck with lots of confusions to buy the baby swaddle blanket.

As there are so many variations, interesting features, colors of swaddling blanket in the market. These are really very nice. But you have to keep in mind that, “All THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD”. You have to be very aware to choose.

Generally, I observe the quality of cloth, the advantages, sustainability of it. And I prefer to buy the zip up bags. I love my baby and I know every mother does. So, we don’t want to make any compromise with the comfort with our baby. We don’t want any risk at all. One more thing, although I know it is not the greatest concern to some parents. Parents can afford their baby’s comfort by hook or by crook. It is about spending money.

Every  parent should be economic and aware of it. Most often people choose all seasons swaddle at a time. It would be a best option for you if you are travelling from different weather condition. Clothes should always be graceful. As babies grow very fast, I recommend to buy a larger size than the newborn. Pink is not the only color you may choose. There are several colors like blue, gray, green and so on.

How to Use a Swaddle Blanket:

Most of the time I saw some mom to be confused to wear a swaddle for babies. Even, babies get disturbed and can’t sleep well because of their wrong way of swaddling. So it is very important to know how to swaddle a newborn baby properly for parents. Some babies like swaddling and some do not. For swaddling, you will need- baby to swaddle, a blanket, flat & safe surface ( such as floor or bed). You may have a special type of blanket made for swaddling. It is totally optional.

Here the procedures are-

Step 1: Make sure that your baby is in a safe position. That means its arms, legs, crib and stoller all are in blanket

Step2: Spread out the blanket in a diamond shape, usually those are lightweight like receiving type blanket are used in hospital

Step3: Make smooth the blanket with your hand rub

Step4: Make fold the top corner of your blanket several inches

Step 5: Gently place the baby on her back on the blanket (make sure her head is above the fold)

step6: Holding her just wrap the right side of the blanket (make sure her hand & leg is straight & comfortable position)

step7: Lift up her left arm so that the blanket can go underneath it and tuck the blanket snugly

step8: Bring the bottom corner of the blanket straight up.

Step 9: Then fold it. It will come as high as the baby’s neck. Make sure it does not cover the baby’s face in any way.

Step10: Holding the baby’s left arm at her side, fold the right side of the blanket across her body. And tuck it in tightly behind her.

Then wrap her up like a little burrito. She will sleep with full comfort.

Types of Baby Swaddle Blanket:

As we said before, there are several types of baby swaddle blankets in the market. Here we will just mention some names which are the best. These are-  Classic Muslin Swaddle Blankets,  Summer Infant SwaddleMe Swaddling Blankets, Ergo baby Swaddler Swaddling Blankets,  Organic Cotton Swaddle Blankets, Hudson Baby Muslin Swaddle Blankets,  Kepi Kozy Support Swaddle. Stay & keep following our writings about baby swaddle blanket. You will get all the information about it.

I hope this article has given you a clear concept about baby swaddle blanket, its criteria & way to use. It also provides you the importance of it. I guess now you can say- gifting someone(new born baby) swaddling blanket is more important than a basket, balloons, toiletries. 80% of these combo packages usually waste. If you are a mom or dad of a new born baby, please keep the baby in a comfortable zone using swaddling blanket. You sleep a sound sleep and make her too.

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