Swaddle Muslin Blanket

Are you looking for soft, plain-woven cotton fabric, smooth, and finely textured swaddle blanket? For your kind information, I want to say that, all these combinations you will get in one. And that one is a swaddle muslin blanket. Here you will see the soft finish. As your baby will be sleeping a lot during the first few months, choosing a right blanket is a very important fact.

It will give him safety, security with the same feeling of mother’s lap & womb too. The materials of the blanket should be breathable & comfortable. Here breathable means, the breeze can pass through the blanket, if you hold it in front of a fan. You can choose 100% pure cotton, muslin material.

What is muslin:

In the last few decades, muslin has become very popular. Muslin was first originated in East Bengal (Bangladesh). First worn (hand woven) by the Greeks and Romans. It was imported to Europe. There it has won its popularity. Due to its breathability, it is very suitable to use in the summer season and hot weather. It is simply pure and gentle. And I must say, it is the world best fabric with extra softness and versatility.

It has the lightweight & finely-woven breathable feature. Aden and Anais swaddles, especially use this for a wonderful swaddle muslin blanket. Parents are also taking this as it really provides a great job.

Is muslin breathable?

Yes. Muslin is breathable. This quality has made it fitting for babies easily. It is soft and lightweight. It can prevent babies from overheating in the summer season. Moreover, your baby feels warm and snug in a swaddle muslin blanket.

You must try to keep your baby overheating free. As it is the reason for SIDS. You can check the breathability by passing the breeze through it.

Is muslin cotton?

There is a little bit difference between cotton muslin to cotton canvas. They have a similar plain weave. But muslin has a smooth texture & soft finish. Muslin is in lightweight. Plain-woven cotton fabric.

Muslin has various uses. Thin & very soft muslin is used in clothing, and heavy-weight (known as scenic muslin) muslin is used for cycloramas & backdrops (theatres, photography studios, live music performances).

What is a muslin blanket for?

Muslin blanket has versatile uses of it. The blankets are usually larger in size like 44*44inches. You can get them with a package of 3 to 4 blankets. The size is the most important thing. You can not swaddle your baby properly in a tiny blanket. A proper and perfect size is needed for that. It is very comfortable and soft to feel ,but tough to hold your baby tightly.


Here is a combo list you can do with your swaddle muslin blanket: 

  • You can swaddle with the muslin blanket. As it is soft, smooth, it will give comfort to your baby. But you can face problem to hold her tightly. But don’t worry. There are so many tutorials to wrap your baby with muslin swaddle blanket. Just watch them out, you will be the boss in wrapping your baby tightly. Then, there will be no chance to skid.
  • In summer or in hot weather when the sun has a strong heat, and you are outing, you should drape her over the blanket. It will not create any suffocation problem because of its breathable nature.
  • You can drape the blanket on your car seat to nurse her. Even, in planes, parks, and in restaurants you can apply this technique too.
  • It is not actually recommended by manufacturers that you have to do so. “Necessity is the mother of invention” you know that. I also know. That’s why I invent this way by myself. You can try. I am sure that, you are going to love that a lot.
  • As a playmate, you can use it.


The muslin swaddle blanket is like a magical blanket. The fabric becomes softer day by day with every wash. It is very decent. It will give your baby a warm environment and womb-like feeling. Sleep is so important for your baby, you know that. This blanket will help her to sleep a sound sleep. Even, during breasting, she will get mother’s chest heat easily. So, why are you getting late? Hurry up! And collect your one before the other grab the best one.

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