Swaddle Blanket Baby

Baby swaddling blanket is a new thing to a new parent. But it has been coming for a while ago.

When I was a baby my mom used it for me and now I do for my baby girl. It is very necessary for your baby’s comfort. Midwives and nurses are master on it.

You may face a little bit problem to wrap. But that’s not a big problem indeed. As, there are so many videos and articles on it. You can learn from my article too. Just keep going through it. At the end, you will be master on it.

I saw in clinic (During giving birth of my first baby) that a nurse is so skilled to wrap. It’s nothing but practice. As, you know “Practice makes a man perfect”. Yes! Indeed! Now me and my husband both can wrap our baby so fast. We feel so peace & happy when she sleeps a sound sleep in a swaddling blanket. So, you also can be a swaddle pro! Just following some helpful tips & tricks.

As, I said before, it is coming from thousands of years & a worldwide practice. So, every mom should try, what do you say? Swaddling is a practice to wrap your baby with swaddle cloth or blanket. These are designed for baby’s comfort. You have to swaddle your baby only for the first few months.

Usually, babies are used to move a lot. They have startle reflex. It is also known as the Moro reflex. It can disturb them a lot and can hamper their peaceful sleep. A swaddle can wrap their arms, legs to control extra movement. Her startle reflex can harm her sometimes. So, be careful about that. Sometimes, she can scratch on her face by her tiny cute fingernails. Even they can startle with a sudden jerk. So it is very important to control their movement to keep them safe.

Obviously it won’t for all the day and night. At the time of the bath, nursing the infant will remain free. But at the time of taking rest, parent should wrap them comfortably. With a blanket wrapping they can sleep peacefully. They get womb like feeling here. It is so warm, smooth and comfortable. I must say it has something magical.

There are so many baby swaddle blanket on the market. Among them, I usually prefer cotton swaddle blankets. It can help your baby to sleep for a long time without any problem. The cotton blankets are generally Eco-friendly and made of organic materials. It is not todays invention. From the very ancient period, the cotton blanket providing these services to the world. This is a very well known product. Have a happy swaddling.

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