Summer Swaddle Blanket

Are you in tension about the overheating of your baby using the summer swaddle blanket? Most of the time parents remain worried about using swaddle in summer. Is it really so? Should you really do worry?

No, dear. It is absolutely not like that. You will be astonished to know that, most of the babies cannot sleep well in summer without the swaddle. On the other hand, overheating by careless swaddling or without can cause the death of newborn babies. And it increases the rate of SIDS death. So, take it seriously.

There are so many factors which can cause overheating like-  cloth, swaddle technique, wrapping style, normal room temperature. Here, only swaddling is not the main reason. As you can’t control the weather, you can follow proper tips, tricks, advice to wrap your baby with a summer swaddle blanket. You should be aware of all the layers on your baby. As she can get too much cold or too much hot. So, make sure that it is in a comfortable zone.

The layers are the combinations of her wearing clothes, wrapping the blanket on her. It is an important issue that you should keep your baby’s head uncovered. You may check her temperature level by touching her neck, chest. If she gets too hot she will start to sweat a lot.

Factors to control over-heating:

There is some factors which can minimize the over-heating problem of your baby. Even, it will ensure her better sleep.

  • You should use light cloth or just a nappy
  • Smooth & sewed up or well-stitched cloth & blanket
  • The blanket should be made of cotton or bamboo (100% natural fiber)
  • You may try short-sleeve or sleeveless bodysuit for her
  • Avoid hat or hoodie type swaddle in the summer season
  • Simply avoid synthetic clothes
  • Don’t wrap her so tight
  • For a newborn baby, the wrapping should be 100*100cm
  • You can choose 120*120cm wrapping for 1.5 to 2 months old baby

Following all these tips you can control your baby’s overheating.


Muslin swaddle blanket:

Generally, in the USA, Australia, NZ muslin swaddle blanket is very popular. Because of its lightweight & finely-woven breathable feature, it is very suitable for the summer season. During the Middle Ages, it was originated in Bangladesh. It is simply pure and gentle. And I must say, it is the world best fabric with extra softness and versatility. However, if you are not an expert in swaddling your baby it could also be problematic for her. She could get too hot with the tight wrap. Sometimes people search for cheap rated muslin. You should not do so as these are poor quality. And I guess, nothing is more important to you than your sweet baby. There is no compromise with her comfort. Her safety, security is the first priority.

Awesome summer swaddle collections:


SwaddleMe Kicksie:

This leg-free design provides the snug comfort. It gives freedom to kick & wiggle. You can easily cover your baby with it and open it at the bottom at the time of changing diapers quickly. Very comfortable in the summer season. It sustains a long time. By this great swaddle, you will be able to swaddle your baby safely in bouncers, even at nap or nighttime.

Mum to Mum Summer Dream Swaddle:

This double wrap system swaddle is very suitable for summer use. It keeps your baby safe & secure all the time. In summer, always choose the single layer option like the Ergococoon, Gro-swaddle, Love to dream lite. You should avoid extra layer size for controlling overheating. It can hurt your sweetheart.


Miracle blanket:

Do you need very secure wrapping? This is the best one to wrap your baby in full security. In summer and light summer you can use it easily. For night sleep or day it will give full protection with comfort. You have no need to extra bedding & clothing for baby. It is a combo package with magic.


Halo sleepsack swaddle:

Does your baby move a lot? Is she always do the ups and downs of her arms. Then, this halo sleepsack swaddle is suitable for her. Without swaddling you can also use the sleeping bags alone too.


Sleepy wings with bag:

In summer season, this sleepy wing with bag is one of the best options to swaddle your baby. It controls her excess arm movement. Even it can help in dummy replacement too. By measuring the weight you can choose the sleeping bags. You can use 1.0 tog when the room temperature is 20 to 25 degrees and o.5 tog for 25 degrees.

Now you are well-known about all benefits of summer swaddle blankets. So, nothing to worry here to use it. You may follow the described facts to control overheating. Happy swaddling even in summer and gift your baby peacefully sound sleep.

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