Newborn Swaddle Blanket

Newborn baby! Awwww! It’s like heaven to me. Sounds so much mellow. The soft hands, soft legs, little eyes, lips, nose, ear with a sweet & adorable face allure me more than anything. I believe that, babies have the quality to make you happy. If you are sad enough no matter what. See a baby. It will make your mood instantly. I personally face it several times in my life. Now, it’s like a proven truth to me. Baby needs extra care & facilities. Swaddle blanket gives it to babies. If you have been a  mom or a dad for the first time, wrapping your baby tightly may seem a crazy idea to you. Ensuring you that it is not a relic of the ancient period. Experienced parents will tell you the benefit of it. Babies are so comfortable with this. They face no problem with the swaddle. Moreover, babies can sleep with more peace & cry less.

Why you need swaddling:

Swaddling technique controls the movement of the baby’s limb. It gives the womb-like feeling of a mother. It is not the sign of antiquity. They can hurt themselves by startle reflex. Even they can startle with a sudden jerk. So it is very important to control their movement to keep them safe. Otherwise a simple accident happened in childhood may be the reason of the sufferings of whole life. It helps to keep their limbs tight and controlled. It also imitates the same feelings of the womb. Baby feels calm and comfortable. The baby also gets sufficient warmth and toasty feelings which is needed. It has the quality to keep the baby happy.

When do you need swaddle:

Usually, swaddling is safe & secure for babies. From the birth period to three or four months you can swaddle your baby. Or when you see that, they can roll over, you may stop swaddling. But if the baby has serious problems in swaddling like some hip issues, you can avoid swaddling. Here, it is the best option to talk to your pediatrician.

How to choose baby swaddle blanket:

Do you know how to identify the best one for your babies? We researched and studied a lot, then found out some best facts about it. The cloth should be soft, decent, sustainable. It may have various features and colors. That’s not the main concern. Actually, you should examine the quality of the cloth. There is no compromise with the baby’s comfort.

When to stop swaddling:

After five months or around six months later you can stop swaddling. Or when you see that your baby is strong enough to kick the swaddle and he just want to come out. Although you should not follow this always. They will fuss and fight freely. These are the probable sign to make them free from this confinement.

Best Newborn swaddle blankets: Some babies like swaddling and some do not. Even so, we swaddle them for their safety and security. Here, we will show you some types of it. I love these and you can love it too. As, it carries such features that anybody can fall in love with these.

The versatile swaddle:

You can use it easily as it has a zip from the bottom. It is quite different from the traditional type. It can give more security & comfortable feeling to your baby. On the leg side, it has more spaces which help a baby to move easily.

The jack of all trades:

It is breathable, lightweight. It is widely used. Like you can use it as a nursing cover, stroller, car seat shade, burp cloth, playmat and so on. It is available in various prints and colors. It could be a better gift for toddlers. You have to keep in mind that, it has no zipper facilities. With its versatile use and feature it can mitigate the facilities that it does not have. I personally used that. And I am satisfied with it.

The simple swaddle:

SwaddleMe Original is one kind of best simple swaddle. It is easy to use & great in its simplicity. You can mention it as a game changer.

The arms-up swaddle:

Some babies usually keep their arms up. Especially for their comfort, there are arms-up swaddle. They can easily move in it without any suffocations. There is a zipper system with the hip-friendly design. Parents usually love this most. Besides these beautiful items, you can also choose the one-step wonder, the one and done swaddle for your little guest of your family. These both will make you and her happy.

Now it’s your turn to choose the right one for your baby. Babies grow very fast. Even they have so many differences from one another. So, you to research and find the best fit. You can follow your baby’s sleeping pattern & movement. These will help you to choose. It is your today’s task, complete it before buying a swaddle blanket for her.

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