Baby Swaddling blankets

What do you know about baby swaddling blankets?

How many ways do you know about perfect swaddling?

Swaddling is just a technique to wrap your baby with swaddling blankets or blankets to control her startle reflex.

For a long time only one technique of swaddling was known to me. Now, fortunately I know some more techniques. We don’t  go through with the same routine every day. We remain busy and being more every time. So, we need variations in our lives. As, babies are our great responsibility, you cannot make any compromise with them.

I knew only diamond technique before.  Now I also know square swaddle or quick swaddle and sleep sack swaddle.

In this article I will tell you about all these techniques.

First, I will tell you about diamond technique. In  a safe and flat floor lay your blanket down in diamond shape or position. Fold the top four to six inches to keep your baby’s head.  Now, keeping your baby’s neck on the folded corner lay her down. Make sure that your baby’s head is above the folded corner & hips are loose.

Sometimes, by pulling their legs straight can cause hip dysplasia. Then, pull the lower corner and keep it on the left shoulder. At last, wrap them with the last corner. Most of the parents love this technique. Actually, I love it too. If you don’t ,then other techniques are here for you. The quick swaddle technique is easy & quick like its name.

Here, you have to lay down a blanket in a square shape or position. Again, you have to fold the top corner around four to six inches. Lay down  on her back. Keep her neck at the top of the blanket. She will be diagonal. Making sure about loose hips pull the right side over and tuck under her. Do the same with the left side. Finally, tuck the lower layer of the blanket behind her. This is the whole process, you may go.

Sometimes, life becomes messy. You are in a hurry. You have to take care of your newborn baby, other babies are asking for attention. Even, you are to fulfill some family needs and demands. At that moment this quick swaddle technique will help you. And make your life easier.

Do you need even faster option than this? Then, sleep sack swaddle technique is perfect for you. For this method, you need a super sleepsack swaddle. You just have to put your baby in a sleep sack like a footie pajamas. Then zip and, wrap it. This is so simple and easy. Isn’t it? The technique will depend on brand of that product. It is a fine option indeed. Now it is your turn.

You may choose all or one that’s your matter. But be very careful that, every baby won’t like swaddling. So, don’t force them.

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