Baby Blanket Swaddle

Swaddling your baby with baby swaddle blanket is the most safest way to keep them comfortable & secure.

Here, choosing cloth is an important thing.

As, comfort, safety, security all these depend on the quality of the cloth.

You can use Aden Anais muslin swaddle plus for diamond and square swaddle. This is so soft and light-weight. This item is made of 100% natural cotton.

If you want the same product in less price, then look for Lilbaby. They will provide you the same service with 100% organic cotton.

If you are looking for classic swaddle, Woombie will be better for you. You will also find one zip option here.

Sometimes, parents get the headache of proper folding and coordinating the edges. They can grab the Miracle blanket swaddle. It will minimize the problem. It is 100% cotton. You can easily control wrapping with this.

If you are from winter region, swaddleme and Halo sleepsack will be the best option for you. The best part of this is -these are so nice and affordable.

Ana & Eve swaddle strap is also an excellent swaddle for newborn baby. Those babies have the habit of transitioning too much. Swaddle up and zipadee-zip are preferable for them.

Among these various options, you may take which you want. You just have to keep in mind that, your baby’s comfort & safety is the first priority.

Now, you may ask that- why should you swaddle your baby?

Ok. Here, is your answer- Baby swaddle blanket  refers the Swaddling technique that restricts the movement of the baby. It  gives the womb like feeling of a mother. It is not the sign of antiquity.

My babies are greatly benefited with this wonder.

For the first  one to three or four months, babies cannot control their limbs at all. That is so much risky for them.

They can hurt themselves- my university roommate had a scar on her forehead, and cheek. When she was a baby girl, she did it with her fingernail. Today she suffers a lot for the scar. Sometimes she feels shy too. So just one scar and unconsciousness of a parent can be the reason of a lifelong sufferings for a child. That is really so pathetic. Even they can startle with a sudden jerk. So it is very important to control their movement to keep them safe.

Obviously it won’t for all the day and night.

At the time of the bath, nursing the infant will remain free. But at the time of taking rest, parent should wrap them comfortably.

With a blanket wrapping they can sleep peacefully. They get womb like feeling here. It is so warm, smooth and comfortable. I must say it has something magical.

I hope you got the answer.

Have you been trying out any? Please share your experience below in a comment box.

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